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Liku T. Amadi, Esq.

Welcome to the ALF website, I'm Liku. Founder and attorney.

If you're reading this, you're probably thinking about working with me so let me tell you about how I approach my role as lawyer and advisor to business owners.


As an attorney, I understand the importance of having your legal ducks in a row and how detrimental it is to grow a business without a solid legal foundation to protect your brand, your business, and the investments clients make into your business.


As a business owner, I know first hand the value of relying on experts to do what they are trained to do so business owners can use their time to focus on executing their vision and generating revenue. Time is a business owner's most valuable asset.

As a business owner, I've also learned that each part of business is connected to the other. So when we're working on contracts, trademarks and legal strategy we're also working on their service descriptions, business policies, client experience, and so much more. 


As someone who's worked with students for almost a decade, I make it a point to teach business owners about what I'm doing for their business so they understand the meaning behind their legal investment and feel empowered to make informed business decisions after working with me.

As a new mother, I believe business should be built around the quality of life we desire and this belief influences how I approach legal strategy so clients can run your business in a way that aligns with their quality of life first. 


Anasa Law Firm works with online coaches, consultants, and strategists to establish a solid legal foundation for business with solutions and strategy custom tailored around their business. We teach our clients the value behind the legal services they invest in so they can leave our care and still be able to make strategic, well-informed business decisions.

Not every business has a legal department, but every business has legal needs. That means every business needs a go-to lawyer to make sure the business is being protected, owners are being advised with a sound legal strategy, and money is not being left on the table.

ALF's concierge, hands-on approach leaves clients feeling stress free and taken care of when it comes to their business' legal needs. We save business owners time from rabbit-hole research, do-it-yourself attempts, and the stress of worrying about legal needs so you can use that time and energy for money-generating activities.

Not sure whether your business' legal foundation is one your growing business can stand on? Don't have a legal strategy for business growth? Not sure if your business is protected? Book a legal strategy session for clarity and direction.

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