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Trademark Services

A trademark is a word, logo, slogan, design or a combination thereof used for your business. Trademarks protect others from using elements of your brand and distinguish your goods or services in the market.

Imagine working hard to build your business and brand just to later find out that someone else beat you to the punch to protect that element of your business. What happens next? You might have to change your name, slogan or logo which will have significant impact on your businesses. You might also spend tens of thousands in legal fees if you've been infringing on someone else's trademark. Yikes. Get ahead of all of that now.

We can help you avoid the legal pitfalls of applying for federal trademark registration on your own and guiding you to registration. You pick which package is best for you.



Your trademark application is only the first step but the most necessary. We’ll help you get this process rolling by getting your application submitted. This includes:

  • Trademark application strategy

  • Comprehensive trademark search

  • Trademark search results memo

  • Assistance in collecting specimen and information necessary for your trademark application

  • Prepare and file online in-use application

  • Serve as attorney of record

  • One class application fee for use in commerce

  • Counseling meeting on next steps in the application process



We'll work on your behalf to resolve issues with your trademark application with the USPTO. This includes:

  • Application filing package

  • Preparing responses to all procedural office actions (POA)

  • Modifications to the application as necessary

  • Investigation and legal research to respond to POAs

  • Unlimited client communication until POAs are resolved

  • Maintaining correspondence with the USPTO examining attorney

  • Counseling meeting on next steps in the application process

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