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2022 has been a year of explosive growth for your business!

Now you have consistent leads in the pipeline but you don't have a client contract that matches the level of growth you've achieved.

As you're reading this page, your business is likely using

  • a contract template

  • a contract you DIY'd from Google resources

  • a contract borrowed from your coach or business bestie

  • a contract that hasn't been updated in the last three months

But none of these contracts are equipped to protect your business or help you deliver a quality client experience.

And if you've been doing business long enough, you've probably experienced that

  • Clients don't always pay on time

  • refund requests and chargebacks are a real thing

  • Clients don't respect boundaries

  • Sometimes you have to send a client to collections

  • Clients ghost you or don't communicate until the last hour

  • you end up working with clients longer than the contract said

  • Clients change their mind or want to switch up the work

  • the payment plan isn't always followed

  • clients have horrible communication

  • sometimes you do work without getting paid for it

  • clients don't put in the work needed for you to do your part

  • sometimes you just need to fire a client because they're not worth the money

  • Clients copy your framework or content and try to pass it off as their own (yikes!)

But ALL OF THIS is easily avoidable with a thorough contract.

Now your templated, DIY'd, borrowed, or outdated contract might be getting you by these last few months or years and maybe you're thinking these situations weren't THAT bad, right?

But for how long can you get by?

Why put your business at risk when it doesn't have to be?

Why deal with bad clients when you don't have to?

Why leave your contract on the back burner when one spark could mean burning your business to a crisp?


This 2-hour Contract Work Session is the PERFECT opportunity for you to figure out where those gaps and red flags are in your client contracts so you can tighten up your business before we enter 2023.

You need to register for this workshop if you

  • Are a consultant, strategist, or coach

  • Using a template, DIY'd, borrowed, or outdated contract

  • Have a staple or signature service

  • Can't confidently say your contract thoroughly protects you

  • Switched to high-ticket and never upgraded your contract

You probably shouldn't register for this workshop if

  • You're not ready to expose the holes in your contract

  • You want to sit there and be lectured to

  • You refuse to do the WORK during the work session

Because what we're not going to do is sit through another informative webinar, take notes on some gems, and then... do nothing.


We're going to work. Pull up your actual client contract and get ready to assess exactly where you need to tighten up.

We'll be going over must haves and red flags in client contracts when it comes to

  • Payments, refunds, and clients paying on time

  • Protecting your signature frameworks and offerings

  • Maintaining client expectations and enforcing client boundaries

  • Solving any client issues



  • Having identified multiple red flags in your clients contracts

  • Strategies on how to improve client experience for you and your clients

  • Having found the cracks in your legal foundation for your client contract

I'm Liku, your Contracts Concierge

I work with coaches, consultants and strategists to establish contracts and legal strategy that is tailored around their business, services and goals.

You can find a ton of legal information, templates, and webinars online but I don't just talk, I teach. I designed this Contracts Work Session to take us beyond getting good information because business growth requires apply that information which is exactly what we'll be doing.

There hasn't been a legal business event like this yet, which is why it's imperative I bring it to you. See what some of my clients have to say about getting their contract done.

Marble Surface

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Marble Surface


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


[insert review about TEA]

[insert review about samara]

[insert review about Ivi]

[insert review about Rhashad]

And see what some people say about the way I teach legal business aspects


[boss brands girl]

[vanessa zamy]

How many chances do you get to have a lawyer help you figure out what's wrong with your client contract?

How many times have you seen a hands-on work session on client contracts?

How often do you do a thorough audit on your client contract?

If the answer is none, print out your contract and join us live December 15 at 3:00 pm PT

Can't make it live? Register and you'll review the recording for seven days.

Seats are limited at 25, register today to reserve yours.

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