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  • Trademark application strategy

  • Trademark comprehensive search

  • Trademark search results memo

  • Assistance in collecting specimen and information for trademark application

  • Prepare and file online in-use application

  • Respond to office actions from the USPTO

  • Serve as attorney of record

  • One class application fee included ($250)

  • Unlimited email correspondence and scheduled calls with Attorney

Describe trademark benefits

TM application takes minimum 18 months and we stay with you thorugh the time frame and advise you on IP impact as your business grows

investment: $3,500


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  • Every business relationship needs a contract because contracts are the foundation of your business relationships. From clients to business partners, team members, collaborations.. Protecting one’s business is non negotiable. But that’s just the first part.


    Business is a long game so how you protect yourself NOW matters for what happens in your business later.


    We help our clients by drafting custom contracts to use throughout their business so they don’t have to look over their shoulder while serving clients and handling business AND so they can already start laying the foundation of their future. The contract isn't just about the transaction but also

    • Your quality of life, boundaries and business goals

    • You’re intellectual property and protecting your expertise

    • Areas for you to remain firm while getting to exercise flexibility

    • Enhancing your overall client experience

    See what some of our contracts clients have had to say:



    "I now have updated contracts that will not only save me a significant amount of time and energy but also provide much-needed protection for both me and my clients."​ - Leah Bryant, Strategic Podcast Producer

    "Having [ALF] draft my client agreement, among other legal documents, has given me such a sense of security. I truly feel I’ve established a strong legal foundation for my business by utilizing her legal services." - Rhashad Pittman, Consultant

    "The strategy calls and guidance always equipped me with the confidence to go into negotiations and advocate for my company needs while understanding some of the legal jargon that can get a person confused or cause a person to be unaware of missed opportunities." - DeAnna Stinson Reese, Consultant


    • 1:1 and Group Coaching Agreements

    • Digital Product Terms and Conditions

    • Membership Terms and Conditions

    • Professional Speaker Agreements

    • Consulting Agreements

    • Business Partnership Agreements

    • Referral Agreements

    • Contractor Agreements

    • Rentals and Lease Agreements

    • Media and Intellectual Property Releases

    • Event Terms and Conditions

    • And more…


    1. Review your current contract in place and any relevant documents such as policies, correspondence and your offer package

    1. Strategy meeting to discuss your offer in depth, help clarify areas of your offer and implementation of necessary policies. Gather client experience, etc.

    1. We do the heavy work of drafting your contract then set a review meeting to go over every section with you so you can ask questions, get clarification and understand the strategy behind the drafting

    1. Then we make any edits based on our conversation and give you the opportunity to review. Then we make further edits to make sure it's everything you need.

    1. After You get your final document, you have at least 30 days of support for questions and advice as you implement your contract.

    Investment: $3,500 +


    We also help you with drafting, negotiation and contract review. We curate unique retainer packages for professionals who need ongoing review, editing and dealing with contracts in their business. If you're interested in our retainer services, please book a call to inquire.​

    We also help you with drafting, negotiation and contract review. We curate unique retainer packages for professionals who need ongoing review, editing and dealing with contracts in their business. If you're interested in our retainer services, please book a call to inquire.​

  • Your business has no longevity without assets. Assets are the value that your business brings to the marketplace. Whether it A,B, or C that value only becomes as asset when you choose to protect it. Trademarks is one critical way to do that. ALF doesn’t just help you file your trademark application, we set the foundation for your business to transcend to the next level. Help you establish your exclusivity in the marketplace. Our application filing process keeps you educated every step of the way so you can make informed business decisions that align with where you want to see your business. After securing your trademark you get the benefit of leveraging it to make money in various ways, prevent others from use it and increasing the value of your business.


    1. Strategy Call. We start with a call about your business goals, what you want to use your trademark for and come up with a strategic execution plan.

    1. Search + Results Memo. We’ll conduct a comprehensive internet search for your trademark, review the hundred or thousands of results, and put together a memo of red flags and potential issues you might face down the line.

    1. Application Prep + Filing. We’ll compile the information and evidence necessary to put together your application then submit it to the USPTO.

    1. Class Fee. Your application package includes one USPTO class fee of $250. Additional USPTO fees may apply depending on your trademark strategy.

    1. Office Action Responses. We'll respond to any office actions and legal arguments from the examining attorneys at the USPTO to help your application move forward.

    1. Attorney of Record. ALF will serve as the main contact with the USPTO until there is a final decision on your application.

    Investment: $3,000



    • How can I ensure the name I want to trademark isn’t available?

      • There is never a way to ensure this. Even if you searched the trademark database yourself, there is still the potential that someone uses your desired trademark or something similar to it and that they could make an argument against you. Trademark search helps minimize this likelihood and make you aware of what’s out there in the marketplace.

    • What if I search and it’s already taken? Do I get a refund?

      • If your search results come back and after reviewing them you decide it’s best you not file the application, you will be responsible for 50% of the package rate. We will refund you the remaining 50%.

    • If I only want to do a search, will you help with that?

      • Yes. The rate is 50% of the application package.

    • Can I add the logo and the name at the same time?

      • Yes, however these are two separate applications. We can help you file them at the same time or one after the other.

    • Do you handle oppositions?

      • Our firm does not respond to oppositions at this time.

    • Do you handle office actions?

      • Yes. ALF responds to procedural and substantive office actions.

    • Do you do cease and desist letters?

      • Yes. Please book a consultation to inquire more about our cease and desist services.

    • What’s the difference between a patent vs. copyright vs. trademark?

      • Patents protect inventions.

      • Copyrights protect created works put into tangible form such as photos, videos, presentations, music compositions, paintings, etc. Copyrights are governed by the United States Copyright Office.

    • When is the right time to trademark? [post/video]

      • This varies on a case by case basis. People generally seek trademark protection when (1) want they want to trademark has proven traction and success int heir business and they want to ensure its protected s it gains more success or (2) before they release something they believe will be profitable.

    • How long is the trademark process?

      • The application process is currently taking 18-24 months from the date of filing.

    • Can I change my trademark mid process?

      • This is not allowed by the USPTO. You would have to file a new trademark application.

    • What are trademark classes?

      • Categories under which you protect your trademark. Some examples: include class 41 for business coaching, class 25 for clothing and apparel, or class 16 for stationery

      • Your application must list the classes you want to protect. For example, if you have a coaching business and sell t-shirts with the name of your coaching business you will use classes 41 to protect your coaching services and class 25 to protect the use of your trademark on the t-shirts.

    • Should I file a 1(a) or a 1(b) application?

      • 1(a) In use: applications mean you have already been transacting business across state lines using your trademark.

      • 1(b) Intent to use applications mean you have not yet started using your trademark to transact business across state lines but plan to in the near future. Your application can’t be approved without first showing proof that you’ve started to use your trademark.

      • Which one you use depends on your trademark strategy.

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You’ve created assets.

Assets are valuable.

And what is of value needs to be protected.

Not just so other people can’t use those assets.

But so you can wield the power to allow others to use what you’ve created.

So before we do anything...

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