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Every enterprise needs a solid legal foundation to grow from.


Not just to protect the business but to establish the quality and structure required for the next level of business growth. Our Legal Foundation Package is best suited for consulting agencies with a growing team are designed to fit within and strengthen already-established operations.

We will work with you to assess your current legal strategy for business protection then make the necessary repairs based on the strategic direction aligned with your business goals in the following areas so you're left standing with a completely overhauled legal foundation of your business:

1. Client Relationships

2. Team Operations

3. IP Protection & Strategy

4. Corporate Governance

5. Entity Protection

Some of the features of our Legal Foundation Packages include:

  • Review and drafting of client-related documents such as client agreements and/or customer terms and conditions.

  • Review and drafting of team-related documents such as employee contracts, vendor contracts, employee handbook, partnership and collaboration contracts and non disclosure agreements.

  • Review of processes and practices related to legal documents and actionable recommendations for improvement.

  • Training for key team members to manage legal operations such as contract cycles and relationships with clients, vendors and partners.

  • Action-based guides to assist in ongoing use of any new or improved documents after implementation.

Each package requires numbers 1 and 2 above.

Investment begins at $25,000.

CONTACT US about your needs to inquire.

Your business is an asset.
Assets are valuable.
And value needs to be protected.

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