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It's truly a pleasure working with our clients. We appreciate the love we receive from them and each review is a testament to our commitment to transforming businesses. See what some of our clients have to say about Anasa Law Firm.


Client Appreciation

I didn't think I would meet a lawyer who actually was fun and led with heart as much as smarts until I met Liku. Liku has been an incredible teammate to work with as I build my coaching and consulting business. I've met with other lawyers before and Liku was the only one who actually took time to listen to ALL the concerns I had about protecting my business and my intellectual property. Liku is a lawyer who actually cares and shares my ethos of being relational > transactional. In any of our meetings, I never felt like she was operating by the clock or dismissive of my questions. Rather, she spent time learning about my business and what my unique needs were and offered custom solutions for my group programs and business relationships. Liku made me feel so at ease on our calls and I felt I could ask all the "stupid" questions anytime the "legalese" was confusing. I've enjoyed working with Liku so much that I brought her in to speak with my mastermind of BIPOC entrepreneurs. My clients came with ALL the questions about business formation, IP, trademarks, copyrights, contractor relationships, etc. AND Liku delivered. She even created a legal checklist so my clients could more easily understand all the different legal protections they should consider. Because she specializes in working with coaches and consultants, she knows so much about what we need even before we ask. Liku is a savvy speaker and engaging presenter just as much as she is a sharp and thorough lawyer. I highly recommend bringing Liku in to speak to your group of entrepreneurs and hiring her to take care of all your legal needs as a coach or consultant.

Carrissa Begonia

Business Coach

Liku Amadi, Esq. is the real deal. I learned about her through a business associate, and was impressed with her knowledge, expertise and professionalism. Liku uses social media platforms (e.g. Facebook; LinkedIn) to add a tremendous amount of value to the market place at no cost. I was energized and excited to begin my first project with her, and she exceeded my expectations. The way Liku structures her fee's make it easy to plan and budget for your services. Working with her is a wise investment of time, energy, and resources. It is highly likely you will get a return on your investment, become more profitable, and change the overall trajectory of your company for the better. I give Liku Amadi, Esq. my highest recommendation! via Google Reviews

Jamal Jones, LMFT

Business Coach

The comfort and power that flows from having a razor-sharp, detail-oriented, entrepreneurial attorney like Liku can’t be overstated. Liku quickly understood my business and my objectives, then used that knowledge to improve my contracts. Several times her advice kept me from making potentially costly mistakes. Liku’s warm personality makes meetings a pleasure. 10/10 highly recommend! via Google

Dina Lynch Eisenberg

Ombuds & Workplace Incivility Coach

There are so many things that I admire about Liku! Her work ethic and dedication to excellence are unprecedented, and they directly translate into her own personal development as well as the way she advocates for and educates her clients Liku's ability to break complicated legal concepts down into relatable and digestible sound bites sets her apart from many in her field. This was exceptionally evident in the many Masterclasses and Expert Talks that she's led virtually and in person within The Success Tribe Community. Whether as a trusted legal advisor or a compelling keynote speaker, you cannot go wrong by investing in Liku! via LinkedIn

Deanna Jean

Business Strategist & Speaker

Liku helped me untangle a complicated pay-on-performance contract and arrive at an equitable approach for me and my clients. She's professional, kind, and knows her stuff. I'll come back to Liku for more contract advice, and I definitely recommend her to others.

Jenn Rice

Strategic Coach

Liku T. Amadi, Esq. is phenomenal! I can't emphasize enough how impressed I am with her services. She truly exceeded all my expectations regarding updating my business contracts. Liku's professionalism is top-notch, and what sets her apart is her dedication to educating her clients on essential aspects they might have overlooked. Thanks to her expertise, I now have updated contracts that will not only save me a significant amount of time and energy but also provide much-needed protection for both me and my clients. Working with Liku has rekindled my excitement for my business, and I look forward to collaborating with her again when needed. She is, without a doubt, a remarkable attorney who I wholeheartedly recommend for anyone seeking expert legal assistance.

Leah Bryant

CEO & Podcast Producer

Attorney Liku is truly an amazing business woman and professional. I had the opportunity to book Liku as one of the guest speaker's for my business conference, The Empower You Conference. Liku enlightened, encouraged and challenged over 35 business owners in their legal acumen and overall business preparedness. Liku knows how to break down the law! She taught from a place of expertise but also genuine care and concern for the women to succeed. I am still receiving emails about how Liku impacted their lives and businesses from the conference. Thank You Liku for imparting business knowledge into the women, including me. I know we'll use what you gave us for years to come.

Jasmine Stokes

Master Life Coach, The Greater Me Consulting

Great work and consistentcy! Throughout the process of applying for a LLC, Anasa Law Firm made the process so much smoother. Definitely will recommend. via Google Reviews.

Dariyn Choates

CEO, Soular Cleaning LLC

Liku is brilliant! She makes complicated legal info so easy to understand. I invited her to do an open format Q&A for my clients during a business strategy retreat for healers and coaches (a group of people driven by their hearts). Liku met them where they were with such clear, concise answers to questions that were keeping them up at night. via Google Reviews

Annie Sanchez

Executive Coach & Business Strategist

Anasa Law Firm helped me register my business as an LLC and switch to a new business name. They were exactly what I needed to get through a process that was new to me. They explained all the steps, were super organized in their communication with me, were totally on top of it, and answered all my bazillion questions with patience and partnership. I am so grateful to Liku and Anasa Law Firm, and I look forward to returning to them for my upcoming small business needs.

Neha Sampat

Belonging Strategist

Anasa Law is consummately professional. They communicate clearly and deliver documents, as promised, on time. As a first-time business owner working with a lawyer I felt supported every step of the way.

Cara Tyrell

Early Childhood Trainer

For anyone considering working with Liku, she is not only a consummate pro,but also knows the ins and outs around contracts for online service providers, IP and almost any other legal issue a business needs to succeed. I brought Liku into my high level mastermind to teach an educational class on higher ticket contracts, (no legal advice, purely teaching!) and I was busy taking copious notes the entire time! My group thought it was one of the most valuable sessions they had ever attended. And these clients are literally the best of the best. They have seen it all. Liku is the best, hands down. Liku is also one of the most high achieving and driven women I know. And there are many high achievers in my world. She is a mom, attorney, and brilliant business strategist. She prioritizes her clients and always delivers. If you are wondering who to hire for contract work, IP work, or simply as a legal consultant or educator,it is time to book a call with her.Well, the best time to get in was probably yesterday, but she can for certain help you figure out your contracts, negotiations, deals and IP. Get in. You won't regret it.

LeighAnn Heil

High Ticket Sales Coach

Liku explained everything very throughly and answered my questions during the consultation. I appreciate her genuine kindness and interest in my business endeavors to better assist me.

Jazzmine Parker

Social Worker

Liku Amadi, Esq. is such a sharp, professional, and caring attorney that I thought I was her only client throughout the time I worked with her. It turns out she had plenty of others and deservingly so. I haven’t come across anyone providing professional services who is more hardworking, down to earth, and thoughtful in their approach than Liku. Having Liku establish my LLC and draft my client agreement, among other legal documents, has given me such a sense of security. I truly feel I’ve established a strong legal foundation for my business by utilizing her legal services. For every service she provides, Liku walks you through each step of the legal process and explains complex laws and legal concepts in crystal clear language so that you immediately understand them. If you have any questions, she doesn’t just quickly answer them, she describes her responses in detail and provides additional information or examples to ensure you have clarity and walk away with a clear understanding of the topic or issue. I recommend Liku to anyone who is looking to start a consultancy or company and wants to ensure they start off on solid legal ground. via Google Reviews

Rhashaad Pittman

PR Agency Founder

Anasa Law Firm has been nothing short of amazing ensuring the contracts and both domestic and international partnerships were aligned in the best interest of the company. Liku's strategy calls and guidance always equipped me with the confidence to go into negotiations and advocate for my company needs while understanding some of the legal jargon that can get a person confused or cause a person to be unaware of missed opportunities. I love the project based pricing model for some services because it allows me to budget for certain projects in advance. Anasa operates on a philosophy of quality, comprehensive service and I love it!! I would highly recommend Anasa Law Firm!! via Google Reviews

DeAnnah Stinson Reese

Chief Diversity Officer & Business Strategy Consultant

Anasa Law Firm is amazing. They were very quick to respond when I contact them. Then made sure that I understood every step of the process. -They went above and beyond when it came to making sure that I had exactly what I needed. Thank you and I will definitely be a repeat customer. via Google Reviews

Natassija Jordan

Civics Education Advocate

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